We provide the most professional and high quality services possible, and treat our patients as people first– with respect, care, consideration, and honesty.  Our office is also geared toward family care.  When you visit Sutton Place Chiropractic, you will see people who range from newborns to senior citizens, business professionals to serious athletes.  We at Sutton Place Chiropractic recognize that every individual has a unique body, and so we tailor each individual’s care to their specific needs.

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Our Promise

We at Sutton Place Chiropractic are committed to serving the true health care needs of as many people as possible that are within our reach.

Our passion is to turn on the power of life by adjusting vertebral subluxations for people of all ages with the purpose of enhancing a fuller expression of their innate capacities, a great experience of their natural rhythms, and a greater participation in their healing process.

We acknowledge the devastating effects of the vertebral subluxation on human health and happiness, and therefore go to extraordinary measures in educating our communities about the benefit of chiropractic for the restoration of health and well being.

We extend not only our services but our promise to treating you as a human being first, to collaborate with you in absolute honesty and respect.