Dr. Michael Wolff was highly recommended to me by my husband, whose limited arm movement was restored to normal as a result of Dr. Wolff’s adjustments. While medical doctors recommended rotator cuff surgery (a drastic and scary measure), the adjustments were a more natural and non-invasive therapy that did the job.

The reason for my initial visit with Dr. Wolff was hip pain. This hip pain resulted from a mis-step during a particularly brisk walk. In addition to the physical pain, I was in emotional pain at that time, as my husband’s father had recently died and my husband had a change in his job situation.

I found Dr. Wolff to be tremendously supportive during the course of my adjustments, as he helped not only my physical self, but also my spiritual self. Or, as Dr. Wolff reminds me, I helped myself to heal. Dr. Wolff’s kindness is clearly apparent. I find myself leaving his office ready to take on new challenges.

I continue to look forward to my adjustments and wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Wolff to anyone interested in a healthier and happier life.

– Katie


…I came to him [Dr. Wolff] with severe scoliosis which distorted the spine causing deformity in my hips, TMJ and rather severe headaches. My personal physician had diagnosed scoliosis some 4 years before but had told me that “there is nothing to be done.” I regret to say that I took his word for it and , thus, delayed visiting Dr. Wolff. The pain in the jaw was brutal and I would get it every 4 to 5 weeks for about 5 days. I used to take 4 aspirins (or any painkiller I put my hands on) every 3 hours to dull the pain. The pain in my lower back and head was also very bad.

When I came to Dr. Wolff, he took an X-ray which showed that my spine had curved exactly like a question mark. At the end of 2 years of treatment, another physician took an X-ray during the course of a checkup. Dr. Wolff compared the two and the improvement was so terrific that I could not believe my eyes.

Now, the headaches and the pain in my jaw have completely disappeared and , to a large extent, the pain in my hips… I think Dr. Wolff has brought miracles which enable me to lead a normal life.

– Gladys


At first, I was very skeptical to try chiropractic; but now I am a believer.

My problems began about two years ago when I started cracking my lower and middle back. Slowly, I started to crack my neck too. As a dancer/aerobic instructor/personal trainer, I knew that this was not healthy. That is when I came to Dr. Wolff, through the recommendation of another personal trainer and patient. After my first adjustment my realization was, “Oh my God! I’ve been cracking my back out of alignment!”

Today, I have found my digestive system has improved tremendously, and the common cold and sore throat which plague me all winter are virtually nonexistent.

Sutton Place Chiropractic is special not only for its treatment, but also for the staff’s warmness…

– Kirsten


I came to Dr. Wolff almost four years ago with severe lower back pain. I was in pain all day and unable to sleep comfortably at night. I had seen another chiropractor whose methods were not as advanced, and the relief was never as satisfactory as it has been with Dr. Wolff. I was looking for someone whose location was more convenient when a co-worker was injured and received treatment from Dr. Wolff.

Everyone was so impressed with his rapid recovery that I decided to try him. After some fairly intense initial treatments, we have established a stability and freedom from pain I never believed possible. Now I see Dr. Wolff on a regular basis as a “maintenance” program. This and his encouragement to eat properly and exercise have me feeling years younger than I am.

– Gail


I’ve been seeking Chiropractic care from Dr. Wolff since April 99. I had a chronic problem with my bladder and urinary tract infections. I had seen many traditional Doctors about this problem including a urologist who all simply prescribed high dose antibiotics and my body felt run-down and weary. Since seeing Dr. Wolff my immune system and body have slowly and steadily has become stronger and healthier. Chiropractic care along with a caring Chiropractor like Dr. Wolff and your own commitment to improving your own health have tremendously improved my quality of life.

– Nana


Dr. Wolff,

Like many, it was a recurring pain through my shoulder and neck that prompted me to seek your help seven years ago. With regular visits over time, the symptoms gradually subsided, becoming far less intense and more manageable. What I’ve come to realize are how these adjustments benefit the well-being of the entire body. I haven’t missed a day of work in over five years, haven’t caught the flu and a common cold never lingers too long. Similarly, I never feel lethargic or run down. A sensible diet and regular exercise are the cornerstones of good health. But I’ve also found that regular chiropractic adjustments further enhance and augment the quality of life that we all strive to achieve.

Thanks for the “balance” and for keeping me at the top of my game. The stress of everyday life can be a grind but I know that I’m better suited and prepared to deal with it thanks to your ongoing care.



I was referred to Dr. Mike by one of his contented patients when my ulcer, allergies, infections, aches, and pains fermented into a lethargy I could no longer ignore. For the past few years I endured these problems individually, in flare-ups treated with drugs that kept each symptom at bay until the next time. After just a few months with Dr. Mike, my energy returned and more than a year later I feel great; there have been no health surprises. The logic of maintaining good health that Dr. Mike offers is comforting in a dark medical world of patch and mend, wait and see – Chiropractic works!

– Cherie


I was introduced to Dr. Wolff about four years ago. During these past four years I have enjoyed the benefits of Dr. Wolff’s chiropractic care, he has changed my life. Day to day stress, neck and middle back tension and anxiety have now been alleviated, because of continual chiropractic care and nutritional guidance. I now control all of my past problems by regular visits to Sutton Place Chiropractic, at least once a week. I feel wonderful! I am in a much better state of mind and body… I can honestly say that Sutton Place Chiropractic is a valuable part of my life.

– Danny